FAQs regarding what travelers want Over the past few months, we’ve surveyed 5,000 travelers to learn how they travel, search and buy now. Get actionable recommendations to help start attracting travelers in reports. This year’s global research reveals the preferences and expectations of new travelers.

We have summarized some of the FAQS (frequently asked questions) by travelers in one place in order to make it easier for travelers to find answers or solutions related to what they want to know. Browse our Frequently Asked Questions for answers about bookings, flights, discounts, where you’ll stay and more. We’ve got you covered! your Dream vacations start here. Our travel agency experts have access to exclusive cruise deals, all inclusive resorts and personalized vacation packages, Booking airport transfers, car rentals, Tours, things to do, sightseeing, day trips and hotels, Best price and Cancel up to 24 hours before.

Get help quickly and find the Answers to the most common questions from our guests, Our customer support team have listened to your feedback and used their knowledge to put together a list of answers to your most frequently asked questions. Please use the below categories to find an answer to your question, We are committed to making sure that your experience is a great one, and our customer support department stands ready to help you with any issue.

It's easy to get help on Banyumile.com

How do I sign up for Banyumile?
Click the "Work with Us" button in the main menu to start the quick and easy process. When it's time to create your property listing, be as detailed as possible to attract the right guests for you.
Do I have to sign up with each of your brands separately?
Thankfully, no! You do not need to sign up for all Stillvacation Group brands separately. When you partner with us, your listing will appear on some of the world's leading online travel brands, including Stillvacation.com, Baliwow.com, and more. Collectively, our sites cover virtually every aspect of researching, planning and booking travel. Leisure and business travelers with various tastes and budgets rely on our sites for all their travel needs.
I'm already working with other online travel agencies (OTAs). Can I work with you, too?
Absolutely! We'd be delighted to showcase your property to the millions of travelers who regularly book their trips through our sites.
What access do I get to add my products to appear on the banyumile.com website?
you can sign into the "Work with Us" or "List My Hotel" pages and explore our Global Connectivity Guide to help you identify the channel partners that specifically support your market. If you're not a partner yet, sign up for free today!
I don't have answers to some of the questions in the signup form. What should I do?
No problem. We'll automatically save the information you enter, and you can go back and finish it whenever you're ready. If you have any problems, visit our Contact Us page and our team will respond to you as soon as possible.
What kind of photos should I upload?
Photos ignite the imaginations of travelers, allowing them to visualize staying with you on their next trip. We recommend including four photos per room type (including the bathroom), and one of each of the key areas (amenities) that make your property special (the common spaces, pools, dining, etc.). They don't need to be professional photo, well-lit smartphone photos will work, but they should have a minimum resolution of 1,000 pixels.
What is a connectivity provider, and do I need one to work with you?
No, you don't need to work with a connectivity provider or have a connectivity solution to effectively register your property with banyumile. However, having worked with more than one million properties globally, we know that manually managing your inventory can take a lot of time. Connectivity channel providers create a two-way flow of information between your system and ours, so that reservations, rates and availability are updated automatically. Displaying accurate inventory maximizes the impact of your OTA listing and reduces the risk of over ordering.
I'm from a small property with a small team. Is it easy to work with you?
Yes! Most of our Banyumile partners are small properties looking to grow their business. We work hard to provide easy-to-use tools, promotional opportunities and support to ensure you're successful.
What is an online travel agency (OTA)?
What is an online travel agency (OTA)? An online travel agency (OTA) is a consumer travel website specializing in the sale of travel products, including flights, hotels, car rentals, cruises, vacation rentals, activities and more. Banyumile and its logo are trademarks and operates several OTAs, including baliwow.com, and more. We additionally provide tools, capabilities and insights for our travel suppliers, helping them compete and build profitable businesses.
Do I need to confirm all my reservations?
No. To keep your workload to a minimum, we automatically email the guest to confirm the reservation.
What happens if a guest cancels or is a no-show?
You can easily cancel a reservation on behalf of a guest in the Partner Dashboard panel. If a cancellation fee applies, your fee will automatically accumulate in your revenue amount table.
How do I know that I've received a booking?
You choose how you want to learn about all new bookings, as you can be notified in several ways. We can automatically populate your reservation system through your connectivity channel manager, send you an email, communicate via inbox in your Partner Dashboard (the platform for managing your business with us)
How do I communicate with a guest?
If you need to communicate with a guest, whether it's a customized welcome message, or to check in on guest satisfaction during a stay, we have the tools to communicate with a guest in your partner dashboard to help you engage your guests.
How much compensation will I pay for reservations?
Compensation for reservations varies around the globe and we'll share the percentage for your market as part of the contracting process.
What do I get for the compensation I pay?
In addition to providing an easy-to-use and secure experience for travelers to book your rooms, Banyumile invests heavily in advertising, digital marketing and social media promotion to attract consumers from around the world to your market and individual property. We are constantly mining our data for insights and emerging travel trends so we can both innovate and develop the best set of free and robust tools that enable you to grow your business. We also operate traveler and partner support centers to help solve the sticky logistical issues that inevitably arise when people set out to explore the world.
I have a channel manager but can't seem to connect to Banyumile. Can you help?
Yes! For help connecting your property through your existing channel manager, please email us at info@banyumile.com.
Will guest reviews appear on all the Stillvacation sites, or just the one the guest used to book?
guest reviews is work on the Stillvacation sites. Reviews will appear first on the booking website and after 30 days they will display across all the sites in our marketplace.
Can you give more guidance on how to respond to negative guest feedback?
Absolutely. Tips for acknowledging guest concerns during their stay and for responding to poor reviews are both available. In-house Feedback is always private while post-stay reviews, once vetted, will be available to other travelers. Graciously acknowledged less than glowing feedback and perhaps sharing how you've remedied the issue will help you actively manage your online reputation.
Are there other ways to use Guest Review Insights, beyond identifying trends in my guest reviews?
Yes! Discover more about Guest Insights in this article. You'll learn about identifying potential revenue growth opportunities from specific countries and how you can target travelers from that location with Travel Ads or promotions.
Is it possible to display the reviews banyumile solicits on my hotel website?
We would love that. Use these step-by-step instructions to download and use our Guest Review Widget on your site.
Can I use more than one marketing program at a time?
Absolutely! They're designed to be used together and as standalone tools. For example, you might be a VIP Access property running a package promotion to attract travelers who plan ahead, while at the same time leveraging a same-day deal to offset last-minute cancellations.
What is a good TravelAds budget?
You can go slow at the beginning, with $ 0.25 cost per click and a daily budget that feels comfortable, and learn what works for you. Our Media Solutions team is happy to help, you can ask a question or, if you're ready, sign up for an account.
Are there restrictions on promotions?
No, although before you begin, you should review our promotion guidelines. Then feel free to participate in any of our campaigns or promotions and remember, you can always design your own.
When should I use an Accelerator?
Check out this video on increasing visibility for more context. Strategies for using Accelerator vary depending on business need. Some partners are very precise, adding an Accelerator only when they need to fill rooms. Others run an Accelerator for a longer period, paired with a promotion targeting a specific audience - e.g. travelers who book early. It's easy to test, learn and adjust until you find an approach that works best for you.