Most Beautiful Island in Indonesia

Most Beautiful Island in Indonesia is the largest archipelagic country in the world, with 17,504 islands and 240 million citizens, With plenty of stunning islands to explore and each with its own personality, it can be the dreamy vacation destination you’ve always wanted. No wonder, Indonesia is a gem of a country. I happened to visit Indonesia, the first time, during a media trip with Indonesia Tourism (where we were introduced to Jakarta and a few islands Including Pulau Macan) and since then I have visited Indonesia more times than I can remember. From sunbathing at the exotic Spice Islands in Indonesia to swimming with endangered sea turtles on Gili Islands, Indonesian Islands have an offer to meet everyone’s imagination for the perfect trip. Tourists love it for its diversity and nature. You’ll see impressive tropical forests and pristine beaches where you can dive and surf, but also explore wildlife and see volcanoes.

Indonesia is also a country rich in biodiversity and beautiful natural scenery, both mountains and oceans. Not surprisingly, Indonesia has become a tourist destination for migrants, both local and foreign. for those of you who are still confused about where to start a marine vacation, you can check the 7 recommendations for the most beautiful islands in Indonesia that have their own natural beauty :

Karimunjawa Island, Central Java

Karimunjawa Island is the largest island of the Karimunjawa Archipelago located in Jepara, Central Java. The Karimunjawa Ocean has a very beautiful marine biodiversity, so that Karimunjawa Island is one of the favorite tourist destinations for marine tourism lovers. Activities that you can do while on this island are scuba diving and snorkeling to enjoy the underwater beauty and even swim with nemo fish. In addition, you can also trekking in the mangrove forest or along the stretch of white sand on the beach.

If you want to do more challenging activities, you can also cross to the surrounding islands, such as to Menjangan Besar Island to play with sharks in the shark captivity. To get to Karimunjawa Island, you can plan a trip by booking a plane or train to Semarang through Traveloka and then continue the journey via speedboat or ferry to Karimunjawa Island. For the record, weather factors and ship schedules will determine the ship’s departure, so it needs to be planned carefully.

Komodo Island, East Nusa Tenggara

This island, which is located in the province of East Nusa Tenggara, is the original habitat of the Komodo dragon and is a popular tourist destination both domestically and internationally. The number of visitors to Komodo Island continues to increase every year, with more lodging options and various tours being offered. This island has even been named a world heritage site by UNESCO.

The most important thing you should do on Komodo Island is see the Komodo dragons in person; because there are no komodo dragons anywhere else in Indonesia other than on Komodo Island. In addition, you can also climb to the top of the hill to see panoramic views of the mountains and ocean, to Batu Cermin Cave, and enjoy the pink sand at Pink Beach.

When you visit Komodo Island, you can also take part in island hopping to Rinca Island or Padar Island which is no less beautiful. To get to Komodo Island, you can order a plane to Labuan Bajo Airport through the banyumile site.

Menjangan Island, West Bali

This island is located in the West Bali National Park, Jembrana, Bali. This island is known as the best wall-diving location in Bali and the color of the sea is a gradation of blue and green. So, on this island you can dive by following the 10km long underwater cliff which is very beautiful, snorkeling, diving, and enjoying the stretch of coral reefs at Coral Garden. For those of you who don’t want to dive, you can also enjoy the underwater beauty by using a submarine that is available for rent.

To get to Menjangan Island, there are several alternative routes, but the popular routes are via Bali or Banyuwangi. When you start your journey, you can buy a plane or train ticket to Banyuwangi or Bali. If you go through Bali, you need to go to Gilimanuk Harbor and take a motor boat to West Bali National Park. Meanwhile, if you depart from Banyuwangi, you need to go to Watu Dodol Beach and cross to Menjangan Island using a chartered boat. The time needed to cross to Menjangan Island from Bali and Banyuwangi is 45 minutes to 1 hour each.

Derawan Island

Derawan Island, located in the Derawan Islands, Berau, East Kalimantan is known for its beautiful beaches and exotic underwater scenery. Activities that you can do while on Derawan Island are diving in an underwater cave called the ‘Blue Light Cave’, swimming with manta rays and jellyfish, visiting the turtle conservation center, and enjoying the lake which is said to be the most beautiful lake. in Indonesia, namely Labuan Cermin Lake. As the name implies, the lake is very clear like a mirror.

In addition, visitors can stay at floating inns on the shores of the stunning Derawan Island. To get to Derawan Island, you can depart from your place of origin to Kalimarau Airport and continue the journey to Tanjung Batu Harbor. Then, the crossing to Derawan Island is done using a fast boat. To make your trip easier, you can book a Derawan tour package through the Banyumile website.

Labengki Island, Southeast Sulawesi

This island, located in Southeast Sulawesi, is often referred to as the Raja Ampat of Sulawesi. One of the famous tourist attractions on this island is the heart-shaped bay of love. In addition, Labengki Island has a group of islands in the middle of the sea. Activities that you can do to enjoy the natural beauty of this island are trekking to the top of the hill and snorkeling. If you are lucky, you can see Kima (giant clam) as big as 50 cm which is the second largest type of clam in the world. To get to this island, you can order a plane ticket to Haluoleo Airport, Kendari via Traveloka and then head to Kendari Blue Harbor to take a boat to Labengki Island.

Banda Neira Island

Banda Neira Island is located in the Banda Islands, Central Maluku. This island was formerly known as the only producer of nutmeg in the world. Apart from its commodities, Banda Neira Island is also famous for its underwater paradise. You can explore this island on foot or rent a boat. For those of you who like marine tourism, you can do snorkeling and diving at 25 dive points scattered on this island. When you dive, you will be amazed by the existence of an underwater volcano in the form of coral reefs that surround the remaining stones of volcanic lava collapse. In addition, this island also offers tourist attractions for you lovers of history tourism, namely Fort Belgica and Fort Nassau.

To reach this island, you just need to book a plane ticket to Pattimura Airport, Ambon and continue the journey by pioneer plane or fast boat.