Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo Island Over View

Besides Bali, Labuan Bajo is the most popular destination visited by many domestic and foreign tourists. No wonder the Labuan Bajo area and its surroundings are one of the five super priority destinations besides Bali, which are being promoted in the pre-pandemic period.</p> <p>Its natural beauty offers a panoramic view of the sea and its underwater wealth, as well as its exotic islands, and don't forget, you can experience seeing directly with Komodo, the only animal whose habitat is only on Komodo Island or in Komodo National Park. Not to mention, its stunning natural beauty is often captured and shared via social media by tourists who have visited this area. So this exotic destination is getting more and more famous. It's no wonder that tourist visits to Labuan Bajo and tourist attractions around it are increasing.</p> <p>A hidden paradise that feels like Indonesia is getting more and more beautiful to the east. And, if you haven't been to Labuan Bajo, you haven't seen any of the beauty that the eastern part of Indonesia has to offer. This hidden paradise can be reached by about an hour's flight from Bali to the east and from the plane before landing, you can enjoy the blue-graded sea, hilly islands with strong earth tones, and phinisi ships ready to take you. tourists to adventure to enjoy the beauty of the panorama of the island, the sea, and under the sea.

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